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A naturally deep sleep

Even as far back as the Aztec era, it’s long been known that sleeping under the night’s stars is good for your health and your well-being.

When we need some peace after a hectic day and we lie down to go to sleep, many of us find it virtually impossible to switch off and really empty our heads.

Distractions can help, especially those provided by mother nature. They capture our senses and, in turn, our attention. The infinite starry skies, glowing celestial bodies, the Northern Lights… as well as birdsong, the whistle of the wind and rhythmic nocturnal sounds offer a contrast that help us leave our cares behind. Nature at its finest and a sense of freedom – two qualities that guarantee a restorative sleep.

Thanks to ANDROMEDAR®, it couldn’t be quicker or easier to create a relaxed atmosphere. Your customers will notice the difference and appreciate the benefits.

Sleeping under starry sky

ANDROMEDAR® can make the vision of sleeping under starry skies a reality.

Your customers are enveloped by the relaxing ambience of the night’s sky. Their sleep will be healthier, deeper and more natural. A dream come true – make your product (be it a ship, a house, a hotel room, etc.) unique and increase its value with ANDROMEDAR®. Stand out from the competition and make your product irresistible to your customers.

ANDROMEDAR®. The company takes its inspiration from the Dromedar, the creature from the land of “One Thousand and One Nights”, and from the Andromeda Galaxy, the closest neighbour to our very own Milky Way. Its light, as we see it today, is 2.5 million years old, dating back to the time when the Earth was in the grip of the Ice Age. An ever-expanding collection of past histories – thousands of them, millions even – light up the sky with stars. The ‘now’ ceases to exist… and your customers are immersed in the night-time tranquillity created by ANDROMEDAR®.

Enlightening technology

The new gateway to the starry night’s sky, ANDROMEDAR®, is built around a patented white light laser technology and is like no other product currently on the market. Bright twinkling stars with ultra-innovative white light laser technology, shooting stars and Northern Lights – there really is no limit to
this realistic night sky!

A sophisticated laser technology construction produces countless laser beams and projects them into any interior to create a striking starry scene. The technology is adapted and integrated to suit your product. Upon request, we can conjure up a fully customised ANDROMEDAR® night sky for you.

Beautiful and delicate shades of colour and brightness

For fixed or temporary mobile use

With high or low laser light outputs

Form follows function

The unique design piece arouses curiosity and desire with its smooth, curved form. ANDROMEDAR® looks perfectly at home in any interior design. The fixed installation could not be simpler to use.

The charming design boasts a timelessly elegant and sleek silhouette. The sophisticated ANDROMEDAR® technology is encased in its entirety within the attractive cover. A new, German, gold award winning product that dazzles with its beauty, elegance and engineering.

Stars in the night sky

Don’t just wish upon the stars – you can sleep under them too with ANDROMEDAR®.

The twinkle of the stars in the night’s sky gives the 3D starry sky an unbelievably realistic quality. Other features such as effective Northern Lights and a breathtaking sunrise create an unparalleled setting for relaxation and sleep. Your clients also have the chance to experience shooting stars and distant galaxies in all their glory. Sound effects can be integrated upon request, including the soothing sounds of birds tweeting or waves lapping.

ANDROMEDAR® – the ULTIMATE solution for those looking for a restful night.

True-to-nature white stars with a realistic twinkle

Glowing shooting stars with colourful tails

Slow-moving realistic Northern Lights

Projection of galaxies, planets and more

One Thousand and One Possibilities

– Bedroom
– Bathroom
– Wellness lounge
– Spa
– Luxury suite
– Casino
– Theatre
– Cinema
– Musical theatre